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Our Pest Control Blog

The best way to keep a pest-free home is to arm yourself with industry expertise. Our blog is here to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in green pest control. When it comes to pests, knowledge is half the battle.

ferlization and seeding machine in yard

How To Prepare Your Yard For Spring

If you want to enjoy a beautiful yard this spring and summer, you have to start working on your garden right now. As the weather warms up, you can spend more time outside doing chores. By taking a few simple steps, you can get your home and yard ready before the hot months of summertime arrive.Read more
dad and sons laying in the grass

Lyme Disease FAQ

Beautiful sunny weather makes us want to enjoy nature, but other animals and insects like to take advantage of the great outdoors too. Ticks are so small that we often don’t see them until they’ve latched onto us and followed us home.Read more
arkadia pest technicians outside of their service van

How to Tell When a Pest Infestation is Bigger Than Expected

Every house gets a bug every now and then, but if you start to notice even one or two bugs on a regular basis, you may have a larger infestation than you expected. It is always important to try and catch any infestation as quickly as possible, but when you find one that’s larger than initially expected, speed matters even more.Read more
3 raccoons standing together

How to Stop Raccoons from Destroying Your Trash

It surprises a lot of people, but NJ does have a number of resident raccoons. At Arkadia Pest Control, we often receive calls from our clients about raccoon removal, and we wanted to share some tips on how to prevent and deter raccoons from feasting in your trash cans at night.Read more
mouse hiding between two walls

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Attic

At one point or another, nearly every homeowner deals with a rodent problem, and unfortunately, those industrious little nesters can quickly become a large problem. Each particular area of your home has its own unique challenges and needs when it comes to getting rid of rodents, but one of the toughest might just be your attic.Read more
carpenter bee on flower petals

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

With summer days nearly upon us again, you may find yourself dealing with bees and bee nests in your yard. Whether or not you have ever been stung by a bee, you probably have a healthy sense of fear over what an angry bee can do to you.Read more
mosquito standing up

Common Mosquito Myths

For millions of years, mosquitoes have terrorized the world by helping spread disease and sickness. While these problematic insects have always been a nuisance to humans, they are still quite misunderstood. Here are some of the most common mosquito myths.Read more


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