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Carpenter Ants (not termites) are New Jersey’s biggest wood destroying threat. The persistence and relative abundance of these pests is do in high part to our high levels of moisture to soil content and relative humidity. Carpenter ants thrive in New Jersey’s climate and despite the pest control industry’s valid effort to control them; the carpenter ant population in NJ is rapidly on the rise. Despite popular belief, carpenter ants DO NOT eat wood. Carpenter ants remove wood as they create galleries and tunnels. Carpenter ants feed on living and dead insects.

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Let’s talk about the dreaded Carpenter Ant

Did you know that Carpenter Ants cause more damage annually here in NJ than termites do? It’s true. Because of the varied climate in NJ and the Northeast as a whole, Carpenter Ants are actually better suited to thrive here than termites are. Carpenter Ants cause millions of dollars in wood damage each year in New Jersey. Carpenter Ants do not pose a threat to our health, but can inflict a hefty toll on our wallets and purses if the proper steps are not taken to prevent these wood destroyers from entering and nesting in your New Jersey home. Carpenter ants cause major wood damage in New Jersey and cost NJ homeowners millions of dollars in repair costs annually.

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ant nests are not simply confined to wood stumps and the soil surrounding our NJ homes. Our NJ certified carpenter ant technicians have found carpenter ant nests behind bathroom tiles, under tub voids, sinks, showers, dishwashers, under roofing, in attic beams, and under sub floor insulation, in hollow spaces such as doors, curtain rods, and wall voids, just to name a few locations where carpenter ants have settled to nest in NJ homes.

Contrary to popular belief, Carpenter Ants do not eat wood. Carpenter Ants actually burrow through it causing major wood and possible structural damage. Another little known fact is that Carpenter Ants cause wood damage much faster than termites do. Our staff personally witnessed a colony of carpenter ants destroy a customer’s deck supports in less than a season. Carpenter Ants truly are NJ’s top nemesis as far as wood-destroying insects are concerned.

How Arkadia Can Help

Our NJ state-certified pest control technicians specialize in Carpenter Ant prevention and control.

Thankfully, there is a solution to every carpenter ant infestation and numerous preventative steps that can be taken to thwart their progression into NJ homes.


Our Carpenter Ant removal and protection services in New Jersey start with Inspection and end with Protection in three easy steps.

  • STEP 1: Carpenter Ant Inspection: We need to first determine where the Carpenter Ant nest is located and whether or not there are any satellite nests located inside or outside your home. A thorough wood-destroying insect inspection will be key in determining a removal & treatment plan.
  • STEP 2: Carpenter Ant Removal Plan & Treatment: Once a thorough Carpenter Ant inspection has been performed at your home and the problem has been identified by our technicians, a removal and treatment plan can be laid out. Because every Carpenter Ant infestation is unique, our licensed staff will work along with you to lay out a personalized plan that is customized to control and eliminate the Carpenter Ant colony.
  • STEP 3: Bi-Annual Protection Plans w/ No-Hassle Guarantees: After the Carpenter Ant treatment has been performed, and both you and our staff are satisfied with the results, we can now work on protecting your home from future Carpenter Ant attacks. Because residual Carpenter Ant and insect barrier treatments only offer protection for so long, breaking down because of rain and sun damage, our staff will return every 6 months to re-apply barrier treatments around the exterior foundation and surrounding soil of your NJ home. These Carpenter Ant protection treatments work to ensure that your home is protected all year round. Our NJ Carpenter Ant Control pest services work and we guarantee it.

Treating Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant treatment and control in New Jersey comes down to one thing; inspection. Inspection is the key to every successful pest control program and carpenter ant control is no different. Just ask our technicians who wage war against carpenter ants in NJ on a daily basis.

After careful inspection and evaluation of every unique carpenter ant infestation our NJ certified pest control technicians have faced, they have been able to identify, not only carpenter ant control procedures that work, but list a comprehensive action-oriented task list that our customers can take to prevent future carpenter ant infestations in their NJ home. This action-filled carpenter ant prevention list sheet is handed out to all of our NJ clients who have had either preventative carpenter ant treatments performed, or actual carpenter ant nests treated in their home.

Arkadia’s seasoned carpenter ant control veterans have solved every carpenter ant threat in NJ they have faced and take great pride in tackling any carpenter ant threat, be it large or small. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control offers affordable Carpenter Ant control in NJ, Carpenter Ant treatment services in NJ, and Carpenter Ant prevention services in NJ. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control of New Jersey offers professional and reliable services, custom-tailored to meet your Pest Control specific needs. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and the current state of your Carpenter Ant infestation, as well as to craft a long-term solution that is right for you and your New Jersey home. Our Carpenter Ant services include: Carpenter Ant Inspection in NJ, Carpenter Ant Removal in NJ, Carpenter Ant Treatment in NJ, and Carpenter Ant Control in NJ.

The 4-Step Carpenter Ant Control Plan

Are you looking for a state-certified Carpenter Ant Specialist in New Jersey?

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control of NJ will find the optimal solution for your current Carpenter Ant infestation and devise a Quarterly Service Protection Plan that works to protect your New Jersey home from future Carpenter Ant infestations by creating an impenetrable barrier between your home and the outside world. We offer in-depth Carpenter Ant consultation services with our State-Certified Carpenter Ant pest control technicians, who will guide you in your decision making process and be there every step of the way.

Thankfully, our staff has developed a preventative Carpenter Ant treatment and Carpenter Ant Bi-Annual Protection Plan that works to thwart Carpenter Ant colonies before they have time to produce large numbers and enter your home to cause severe wood damage. Our Carpenter Ant treatments and Carpenter Ant removal services in NJ work and we guarantee they work. We will work along with you from the initial Carpenter Ant Inspection, to Carpenter Ant Removal, Treatment and Control until the problem is solved. All of our Carpenter Ant Control and Removal treatments in NJ are backed by our unmatched no-hassle guarantee.

Our specialists can help by providing the following steps:

  • Inspection
  • Removal
  • Treatment
  • Control

What Do They Look Like?

The first step in identifying any insect issue is to first correctly identify  the insect. We frequently get calls from customers who believe they have a  termite infestation in their NJ home. Most of the time our technicians arrive to  find that the insect destroying wood in their home is not a termite, but a  carpenter ant. This is a common mistake and because of their similar appearance  and wing-sprouting swarmer stages it happens a lot. No need to worry though. Our  specialists know what to look for. The best way to  distinguish a termite from a carpenter ant is to take a close look at the  insect’s abdomen with a magnifying glass. Carpenter Ants have a pinched or narrow waist, while termites have a straight or thick waist. The picture to the left will help you to further identify the insect in question.

How Do They Enter Homes?

The typical Carpenter Ant colony in NJ consists of different sizes of carpenter ant workers, all of which are identified as having one node. The thorax of a carpenter ant is round and shaped uniformly. This distinguishes carpenter ants from other ants in New Jersey. Most carpenter ants in NJ are black in color and have a shiny appearance, although there are varying carpenter ant color traits, such as tan or light brown. Carpenter ants are most commonly found outside the house foraging for food or simply migrating from the carpenter ant nest. When more than one carpenter ant is found in the home, this can mean that the nest is too close for comfort and wood damage to your home may be ongoing as the carpenter ant nest spreads.

They will usually enter your home by trailing tree branches, up corners of siding, or other paths that lead into your house like cable lines. These pests will then gladly set up a satellite nest in moisture filled or damaged wood where they will form even holes or galleries, drilled directly into the wood. This carpenter ant activity destroys the integrity of the wood and if left unchecked, can lead to the complete failure of the wood. Needless to say, any carpenter ant damaged wood will need to be replaced once the carpenter ant nest is destroyed and a treatment is performed.

Carpenter ants may have several nests in or around the home, so inspection is key to solving any carpenter ant infestation, before a carpenter ant treatment can be planned and executed. Our technicians provide New Jersey customers with a professional and thorough carpenter ant examination. Pinpointing the carpenter ant nest and treating it is our number one priority. Once the carpenter ant nest is found, our pest control technicians will devise a proper treatment plan, which may include the use of carpenter ant baits and a residual insecticide spray treatment of the perimeter of your home.

Carpenter Ants damage or destroy wood by excavating small cavities in wooden structures or wood beams. These wood-destroying insects, or WDI, use these excavated tunnels to shelter or protect Carpenter Ant offspring and the colony. Carpenter Ant frass (see photo) is a collection of the wood debris that has been pushed or carried from the wood excavation process. Carpenter Ants are black in color and have a black glossy shell. Carpenter Ants in NJ can range in size from 1/4 of an inch long (worker) to a full inch or more (queen). A healthy Carpenter Ant colony can consist of thousands of ants.

How to Find Carpenter Ants? Be on the Lookout.

Be on the lookout for Carpenter Ant workers, swarmers, and huge queens.

You know you are close to the Carpenter Ant nest when you see this. Carpenter Ant workers are normally black in color and range in size from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Winged Carpenter Ant queens may be as large as one inch and are typically found within the safe confines of the uncovered Carpenter Ant nest.

Carpenter ant swarmers always have wings. They will swarm during mating and many New Jersey residents tend to call us when these carpenter ant swarmers are seen in or around their NJ home. Carpenter Ants will grow wings when they are ready to swarm, or mate. The winged variety of the Carpenter Ant is known as a swarmer. Because termites also sprout wings when they are ready to mate, many NJ residents confuse the two. Here’s a photo that should help identify the differences between Carpenter Ants and termites.

Notice that Carpenter Ants have elbowed antennae, a narrow waist, and the front wings of the insect are longer than the back wings. If you should see this type of pest around your New Jersey home call us and we’ll send out a technician to perform a thorough Carpenter Ant inspection.

Let Arkadia Protect Your New Jersey Home

NJ residents can sleep soundly knowing that Arkadia – Eco Pest Control has treated the carpenter ant nest and removed it completely from your property. Several species of carpenter ants can be found infesting homes and other wood structures in New Jersey. Our technicians take pride in tackling the toughest Carpenter Ant infestations for homes, offices and condos. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control provides Carpenter Ant treatment and control throughout New Jersey. 

Our licensed technicians will exterminate and remove the threat of carpenter ants once and for good. Sawdust or wood dust around found inside or outside of the home is usually a tell tale sign that carpenter ants have invaded your residence. Carpenter ants do not rest until the wood is completely gutted out and neither will we until the nest is completely destroyed. In fact, all of our carpenter ant treatments in New Jersey are backed by our 100% no hassle guarantee. If you think that you are having a carpenter ant issue in your home, contact our staff immediately. A friendly staff member will be more than happy to help you.

Your New Jersey home is safe with us and can benefit from our 16 years of experience dealing with Carpenter Ants, as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct our Pest Control business here in NJ. Arkadia is truly the Carpenter Ant Specialists of New Jersey and we can help find the right solutions to meet all your pest control needs.

Selling or Buying a NJ home? Need a WDI inspection? ARKADIA CAN HELP!

Interested in getting a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report in NJ? Give us a call We also provide Free Carpenter Ant Estimates. Get in touch with us today. Our staff is looking forward to answering any question you may have.

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