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Termite Control in NJ & SC

Few pests are as financially devastating as termites, so why empty your wallet to get rid of them? With Arkadia - Eco Pest Control, you'll get environmentally responsible termite treatment in NJ & SC! Let our team of termite exterminators at Arkadia help you protect your home today.

Although termites play an important ecological role by clearing away fallen trees and branches, they are no fun to have living in the walls of your home. These insects are notorious for causing damage to foundations, support beams, floors, walls, and more. Their massive appetites and 24-hour activity cost homeowners around the country over $5 billion in expenses annually. Here at Arkadia - Eco Pest Control, we provide eco-friendly termite treatment in Northern New Jersey to keep homes like yours safe from these frustrating pests. Call us today to learn how our green treatments can help you take back your peace of mind.

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Sustainable Green Termite Treatments

Many of our competitors’ termite treatments rely on pumping the ground full of toxic chemicals which are not only unnecessary but will lead to runoff and pollution of local ecosystems, harming frogs, fish, and other wildlife. At Arkadia, we’re committed to using green solutions for termite control in New Jersey & South Carolina, offering sustainable services unparalleled by any other company in the state. When you team up with us, you’ll get the following benefits from your termite exterminator in Northern New Jersey: 

  • A termite inspection to identify your home’s needs.
  • Your choice of one-time or recurring treatments.
  • Full-home trenching treatments or Termite pod systems.
  • Bi-annual services or a quarterly service plan depending on your needs.
  • Peace-of-mind termite protection.

Signs of Termites in NJ & SC

The most destructive termite species you will encounter are subterranean termites. Capable of having as many as 2 million members in their colonies, subterranean termites will eat away at your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you think you’re dealing with an infestation, your safest bet is to call in a professional termite exterminator, but here are a few visible signs of termites that you might spot on your own. 

Seeing any of the following signs is a strong indicator that termites might be at work within your walls:

  • Mud tubes on your home’s foundation.
  • Hollow-sounding wood.
  • Doors or windows that stick.
  • Discarded wings.
  • Swarming termites resembling ants.


Local Certified Termite Exterminators

Because termites can cause massive damage to your home, it’s crucial to find a termite exterminator that you can rely on to handle these pests completely. With Arkadia, you’ll be working with National Pest Management Association GreenPro-Certified termite exterminators in NJ or SC with over a decade of experience providing green termite control. Our QualityPro-certified team receives ongoing training in customer service, safety, and termite management techniques in order to provide outstanding service and keep your home safe without damaging our planet or your health. 

Termite Prevention Tips

Investing in quality termite control is a major step towards protecting your home, finances, and peace of mind from these destructive insects. However, to make the most of your treatments, it’s equally important to ensure your home is not welcoming to termites and other wood-destroying insects and organisms. 

Here are our expert tips on how to keep termites from taking over your home: 

  • Repair all damaged wood from your home.
  • Don’t affix wooden trellises to exterior walls.
  • Keep wood, mulch, and greenery away from your home’s foundation.
  • Raise firewood off the ground if it is near your home.
  • Don’t stack, store, or bury wood debris adjacent to your home.
  • Avoid water damage by repairing leaking faucets, waterlines, gutters, and so on.
  • Grade soil to have water run away from your home.
  • Ventilate crawl spaces and attics to reduce humidity.
  • Remove all wood-to-soil contact.
  • Cover at least 90% of the soil in crawl spaces with plastic sheeting.
  • Keep wood siding, stucco, and foam board at least six inches away from the ground.
  • Seal all cracks and holes in your home’s foundation.


Guaranteed Protection From an Award-Winning Team

At Arkadia, our top priorities are the safety of your family and our environment, as well as protecting your home from pests. All of this comes with our quality customer service, which revolves around providing courteous, personalized, detailed care with every termite treatment. We also offer same-day and next-day service and Saturday hours for your convenience. Additionally, because we believe in the quality of our service, we are proud to offer our satisfaction guarantee on all termite treatments. These are just a few of the reasons our team has won multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards over our decade of serving our local community!



We’re committed to providing quality, proven green pest control at affordable prices. Ready for eco-friendly solutions to all your pest problems? Check out our service areas below:

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5 Star Review

Professional and on time, listened to my problems explained the treatments and thoroughly applied same. So far very impressed and James and Jake were terrific.

David Witt
5 Star Review

Was dealing with small rodents (very persistent rats) digging under the chicken coop and chewing the doors of the garage. After two months of service, and many months later we have not had any further rodent issues. We also had a termite issue which they resolved. We are pleased with the service, response time and technicians.

Laila Stankus
5 Star Review

We have been using Arkadia for a few years now. We like them for many are a few - They come every month and when you need extra help with, in our case most time are ants inside the house- They always call you to let you know they are coming - The products used are environmentally friendly, we have dogs and care for what we put on the ground - They are friendly and professional and very responsive when you call with in issue. Quick to get the job done and safe too.

Darlene Trinker

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