Commercial Organic Pest Control Services in New Jersey

commercialWhen pests invade stores, motels, offices or eateries, business owners suffer in multiple ways. They face several serious health and financial risks. At the same time, many of New Jersey's commercial buildings remain especially vulnerable to insect and rodent infestations. Numerous visitors and deliveries may introduce new pests at any moment. Businesses often contain abundant nesting areas and food sources for these creatures as well. 

Serious Concerns

Pests can harm any building by chewing on wood or electrical wires. They also contaminate supplies, spread diseases and bite or sting people. Commercial establishments frequently encounter additional problems. Government inspectors may force infested businesses to pay significant penalties. Customers who notice insects or rodents could write negative reviews that result in fewer sales. If pests harm the health of employees or visitors, these individuals might take legal action against the owner. Vermin may also affect productivity by distracting staff members.

When a business owner tries to avoid these problems by calling an exterminator, the average pest control company will combat an infestation with harsh chemicals. Sadly, many conventional pesticides do more harm than good. These substances damage the environment by polluting air and water. They also hurt pests' natural predators and make people more dependent on toxic chemicals. For example, an insecticide might kill ladybugs, dragonflies or small birds when an exterminator sprays it on the exterior of a commercial building.

Toxic pesticides don't only affect wildlife in the Garden State. They cause significant medical problems for humans as well. Some people experience mild short-term symptoms, such as headaches or eye irritation. Hidden ingredients in these products can eventually trigger more serious illnesses as exterminators repeatedly treat the same commercial building. Studies have linked conventional pesticides to cancer, asthma, mental disorders and birth defects. They're especially harmful to children.

Safer Alternatives

Fortunately, it's possible to eliminate pests without toxic chemicals. Eco-friendly pest control companies use organic substances and physical methods to stop infestations. For instance, we can address mosquito problems by eliminating stagnant water and sealing the entryways these insects use to infiltrate a building. We also deter pests by applying natural repellents. Such techniques cause little or no harm to humans, wildlife or the environment. They provide a longer-lasting solution as well.

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