Did you know? The Cicada Killer Wasp is by far the largest wasp in New Jersey. Cicada Killer Wasps are called “Cicada Killers” because female Cicada Killer wasps hunt live cicadas, paralyze them with their stinger and drag them into underground burrows to feed their young, hence the name, “Cicada Killer”. The sight of these huge wasps (two inches or larger) cause many of our customers discomfort. This is why many New Jersey residents call us to knock them out before they multiply and the Cicada Killer population becomes out of control.

Cicada Killer wasps in NJ are active during July, August, and September. It is during these warm months that many New Jersey residents begin to freak out when they notice ten, twenty, or more gigantic cicada killers, two inches and sometimes larger, floating through the air and diving down into the soil where they make ground nests. You can imagine the number of frantic NJ customers that call us during the summer months to help them control these nasty looking behemoth wasps. Cicada killer wasps don’t appear to be afraid of humans either. No, these wasps are not shy. They will fly overhead and dive down and around you as if you were not there and this is what makes cicada killers so frightening, especially when they appear in large numbers.

Cicada Killer Wasp Control

Male Cicada Killer wasps can live up to two weeks long, while female Cicada Killer wasps can thrive for up to four weeks long. Most, if not all of the dirt burrows you find in your NJ yard are dug by the female Cicada Killer. The females are responsible for clearing out the cicada population. Actually, about fifty to a hundred female Cicada Killer wasps can wipe out nearly 15,000 cicadas from your New Jersey neighborhood. Female Cicada Killer wasps sting cicadas and put them into a state of paralysis. They then grab the cicada and drag them into their dirt mound nest to feed their offspring, immature Cicada Killer wasps.

Immature Cicada Killers survive the winter underground in rock hard cocoons while feeding on dead cicadas, while all adult Cicada Killer wasps die off before the start of fall. When July rolls around again the Cicada Killer wasp cycle in New Jersey continues.

Threat to Humans

Cicada Killers are frightening to look at, especially when they are hovering around your back yard in New Jersey, but are they harmful to humans. Are Cicada Killer Wasps harmful to humans? Well, the simple answer is yes and no. Male Cicada Killers, which make up the majority of the Cicada Killer flight population, can’t and do not sting. The male Cicada Killer’s stinger is actually a sex organ used for mating. The female Cicada Killer Wasp, on the other hand, does sting and will sting when threatened or stepped on. This is why we ask our customers to not step on Cicada Killer dirt mound nests (as tempting as it might be)


Are Cicada Killer Wasps threatening you by dive-bombing through the air, ripping across your back yard, and tearing up your lawn? Then you’ve come to the right place. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in NJ has been treating Cicada Killer Wasps in NJ for years and has come up with a solution that works to control their numbers. A friendly and professional licensed pest control technician is just a phone call away and is prepared and ready to deal with your Cicada Killer issue in NJ. The huge wasps can be a menace and can seriously hinder your quality time spent around the pool, grass, and bushes in your otherwise peaceful NJ yard. Don’t let these fast flying Cicada Killer wasps spoil your Jersey summer. Give Arkadia – Eco Pest Control a call and let us handle your Cicada Killer wasp infestation.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control provides Cicada Killer Wasp treatments and pest control in northern and central New Jersey. We offer a Green Pest Control treatment to control cicada killers that uses plant extracts and botanical oils to thwart the wasp infestation. Cicada Killers can be uncomfortable wasps to live with, especially given their size, so we know it is important that our customers are provided with only the best Cicada Killer Wasp services and pest control treatment. Our technicians take pride in tackling the toughest Cicada Killer infestations for homes, offices and condos.


Our Cicada Killer Wasp control techniques include treating each burrow in a customers lawn with a spray and dust treatment. Our technicians will knock down as many Cicada Killers as they can while at your house to limit the population, but the main aspect of any Cicada Killer Wasp treatment is careful treatment of every single hole that has been burrowed into the soil as this is where the female will be. New Jersey residents who are dealing with a Cicada Killer Wasp infestations can call Arkadia – Eco Pest Control for more information on Cicada Killer control.

If you are a New Jersey resident dealing with Cicada Killer Wasps, call Arkadia today to speak with a member of our staff for more information and a free quote on our services.