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Get Rid of Cave Crickets in NJ Today!

Here at Arkadia Eco Pest Control, we're skilled in providing the best pest control in Northern New Jersey, all while using natural products so that we don't harm our customers or ecosystem. If you're dealing with cave crickets in your home in New Jersey, you can count on our exterminators to give you the relief you need. 

Cave Cricket Control in New Jerey

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Cave Crickets in New Jersey

While Cave Crickets are a threat to our sanity more than anything else, imagine one of these things crawling on you while you and your family are enjoying a peaceful night at home. Cave Crickets work their way into the house through floor vents, cracks, and crevices. Thankfully Arkadia Eco Pest Control offers Cave Cricket control & treatment services in Northern New Jersey that will solve your problem fast!

Treatment for Cave Crickets

Our technicians provide homeowners with professional and thorough cave cricket extermination. This is a multi step process that involves several things:

  • First, our pest control exterminators will pinpoint the cave cricket nest. Cave crickets may have several nests in or around the home, so inspection is key to solving any cave cricket infestation before a complete cave cricket treatment can be planned and executed.
  • Once their main nest is identified, treating it is our number one priority.  Treatments may include the use of a residual insecticide spray treatment of the perimeter of your home, basement, crawlspace, or wherever the nest is located.


How to Prevent Cave Crickets

Control techniques include humidity prevention and moisture control. Cave Crickets nest in damp areas, so basements and garages are often trouble areas for these jumping insects. Installing a dehumidifier in a basement or garage is the first step in controlling Cave Crickets. Other prevention techniques that will help solve your Cave Cricket problem include sealing and treatment, which Arkadia Eco Pest Control is proud to provide.

Sealing up cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home is key to saving you and your family from these unsightly critters. If the above prevention techniques fail, call us today to deal with your cave crickets! 

Get Rid of Cave Crickets Fast

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