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Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Home This Winter

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When the summer ends, cold weather will soon follow. This means certain household pests will be seeking refuge indoors. Northern New Jersey homeowners especially need to take the necessary steps to keep out mice. They are always looking for a warm place to nest. If you aren’t careful, these troublesome rodents can become a major pain in the butt. Let’s take a closer look at why mice are so problematic.

Dangers of Not Preparing for Rodent Season

Failing to prepare for rodent season makes your home more prone to experiencing an infestation. Once mice get inside, it’s only a matter of time before you start to experience issues. They are an especially big health concern for Northern New Jersey families. Rodents have a reputation for spreading Salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. Symptoms that stem from eating tainted food include muscle pains, stomach cramps, nausea, and bloody stools. Furthermore, simply breathing in virus-containing particles can cause your family to become sick. The urine and feces left by rodents create extremely unsanitary living conditions. Children will no longer be able to play without being exposed to germs.

Mice can also cause you a great deal of embarrassment. These rodents produce a putrid odor that lingers in the air for days at a time. Guests to your home are bound to catch a whiff of this musty smell. If a mouse happens to die in a hard-to-reach area, you’ll experience even more trouble. The extreme odor will cause everyone to pinch their nose in disgust. Your entire home will likely need to be fumigated.

Don’t forget about the structural damage that mice can cause. From HVAC ductwork to roofs, mice can quietly destroy your home from the inside out. The cost to repair the damage could be more expensive than you think. Even worse, these rodents can create a fire hazard by gnawing through electrical wires with their sharp teeth. A short circuit may cause your house to suddenly go up in flames. There’s also a chance for your loved ones to get seriously injured.

Where Do Mice Hide?

Mice are very sneaky creatures. While mice often hide during the day, they come out during the wee hours of the night. You’ll find them nesting in a number of different areas. Some of the most common hiding spots include under furniture, inside cabinets, and in secluded corners of cluttered rooms. Because mice prefer to avoid human contact, some can also be found hiding in attics and garages.

What Attracts Mice?

Like virtually every other household pest, rodents are attracted to reliable sources of food and water. During the winter, they also look for warm nesting areas. Your home has everything mice need to survive.

Mice especially thrive in dirty environments. Crumbs on the floor and overflowing trash cans can definitely lure mice into your home. Dog bowls also tend to interest these rodents. Unsealed entryways are probably the biggest attraction for mice. Remember, they are constantly searching for easy ways to get inside your dwelling.

How to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home and Its Surroundings

Keeping a clean home will help deter mice. Simple household chores, such as sweeping the floor and taking out the trash, can make a big difference. Never make the mistake of leaving a lot of garbage sitting around. When spilling something, don’t wait to clean it up. Also, don’t allow excess clutter to develop. If you have too much extra stuff inside your home, either put it in a storage building or host a garage sale.

Mice love damp environments. The best approach is to keep your home as dry as possible, Make it a priority to fix any leaks. Pay especially close attention to your kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

The most effective way to protect against mice is to seal open entryways. Mice are incredibly flexible animals that can easily crawl through narrow holes. Before winter arrives, carefully inspect from holes and cracks. Don’t forget about your roof!

Contact a Professional

Keeping mice out of your home is a big job. To enjoy greater peace of mind, be sure to contact Arkadia. We offer a number of rodent control solutions. After performing a mice inspection, our fully licensed exterminators can determine whether or not you have a rodent problem. You can also take advantage of our mice and rat sealing service. No longer will rodents have easy access to your residence. Your family deserves the extra security.

Don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate on service. Over the last decade, Northern New Jersey homes and businesses have come to recognize Arkadia as one of the best pest control providers in the area. Because we offer eco-friendly pest control, you’ll never have to worry about your family being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

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