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Common Springtime Pests in New Jersey

termite swarm

Many New Jersey residents consider spring to be their favorite season. The warmer temperatures and beautiful scenery seem to put everyone in a good mood. However, several different creepy crawlers start to emerge during this time of the year. Here are some of New Jersey’s most common spring pests.

Garter Snakes

Understandably, many people have a deep fear of snakes. Although garter snakes are not known for being aggressive, these serpents will still attack when approached. A child playing in the yard could easily step on the snake, thus causing it to go into defense mode. Sharp, tiny teeth enable a garter snake to deliver a painful bite. If you don’t clean the wound, an infection could develop. Aside from putting your family at risk of being bitten, garter snakes tend to have a stinky smell. You definitely don’t want them hanging around your home.


Wasps start to become active during the spring. You’ll often find their nests hanging from the eaves of a house and along tree branches. These hostile wasps will fiercely defend their territory. Unlike honeybees, they can even sting you multiple times. Aside from numbing pain, the venom from a paper wasp can cause some people to experience a severe allergic reaction.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors in the yard, be sure to have your property treated for ticks. These blood-sucking parasites love to hide out in shady areas. You may also find ticks buried in your pet’s fur. Because New Jersey ticks can spread Lyme disease, they are a definite health hazard. Joint pain and inflammation of the brain are just a couple of the symptoms.


After an intense rainstorm, don’t be surprised to see termites swarming. These wood-devouring pests love humid conditions. Every year, termites are responsible for causing millions of dollars in structural damage to homes and buildings. This is why it’s so important to get an annual termite inspection. Taking action as soon as possible can help save from a huge repair bill.

Green Bottle Flies

Green bottle flies are among the most disgusting household pests. They have a big appetite. Flies love eating from dirty dishes and trash cans. When living with green bottle flies in your home, food contamination becomes a real concern.


Although ants can remain active throughout the year, they typically start to wreak havoc in the spring. Carpenter ants tend to cause a great deal of structural damage. Meanwhile, sugar ants carry a food-borne illness called Salmonella.

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