Common Mosquito Myths

For millions of years, mosquitoes have terrorized the world by helping spread disease and sickness. While these problematic insects have always been a nuisance to humans, they are still quite misunderstood. Here are some of the most common mosquito myths.

Myth #1: All Mosquitoes Bite

Mosquitoes are well known for being bloodthirsty pests. However, not all mosquitoes actually bite. In order to nourish their eggs, female mosquitoes must collect blood protein. Special chemical and heat sensors enable them to detect nearby animals to feast on. On the other hand, their male counterparts typically feed on plant sap and flower nectar.

Myth #2: Mosquitoes Die After Biting You

Some insects, such as honey bees, die after stinging their victim. Unfortunately, this is not the case with mosquitoes. Not only will mosquitoes survive after biting you, buy they will go on to produce more offspring.

Myth #3: The Cold Weather Kills Mosquitoes

While it’s true that mosquitoes thrive in warm environments, don’t expect the cold weather to kill them. When the winter comes around, mosquitoes usually go into hibernation. Even during below-zero temperatures, these tough-nosed insects can continue to live. As soon as the weather warms up during the spring, mosquitoes will reemerge.

Myth #4: Citronella Candles and Bug Zappers Are Effective Against Mosquitoes

When hosting an outdoor gathering, many homeowners will light citronella candles in their yard. While mosquitoes don’t particularly like the smell of citronella, it’s not strong enough to completely repel them. Bug zappers are also only marginally effective. In fact, studies show that bug zappers are more likely to kill other insects such as beetles and moths. If you want to keep away mosquitoes, getting your property treated by a professional is the best approach.

Myth #5: Mosquitoes in the U.S. Aren’t Dangerous

Many people think that mosquitoes are more threatening in other parts of the world. While the typical mosquito bite will only cause mild symptoms such as itching and redness, you’re still at risk of getting sick. There are a number of mosquito-borne illnesses in the United States. Failing to take the necessary preventive measures can definitely put your health in jeopardy.

Myth #6: Mosquitoes Come Out During the Evening

While relaxing outdoors on a summer night, many people have gotten bitten by mosquitoes. However, these insects don’t just come out at night. Some species remain active throughout the day.

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