When we started thinking about the concept of Arkadia back in 2004, the Green Pest Control program we wanted to implement, and the impact the company would have on the environment in our family’s home state of New Jersey, we decided we wanted a frog incorporated into our logo design. We wanted the frog to represent Arkadia and all that we stood for. We did this for three very good reasons.

1. We chose a frog because this particular amphibian represents a huge part of our delicate eco-system. When man pollutes streams and ponds where frogs call home, their numbers are decreased greatly because frogs in particular are hyper-sensitive creatures. Minute amounts of chemicals or manmade pollutants in soil or water have a huge impact on their survival rate, hence our Green Pest Control service.

2. The second reason we chose a frog to represent our Green Pest Control service is quite simple. Frogs are natural insect predators. Here at Arkadia, we seek to employ natural pest solutions to eliminate pests that bug our clients.

3. Frogs are very cute.

Watch this video to learn how Arkadia’s green pest control program gives NJ residents a new choice.

Control Unwanted Insects Naturally

We can do this with the use of our Green Pest Control procedures that incorporate green, eco-friendly, oils and plant extracts. It’s clear to us that it only takes one company to change the ways that other companies operate. By deciding to incorporate an Green Pest Control program to our other pest control services, we feel that others will also follow suit. This is a great step toward a cleaner and greener tomorrow and Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in New Jersey is proud to lead the way with our Green Pest Control service.

Natural insecticides and repellents can eliminate harmful pests safely and effectively, without having a harmful effect on the environment. These procedures were developed by nature millions of years ago. Humans are finally beginning to realize that nature knows best when it comes to protecting our family and homes from unwanted insects. Our green pest services will work to solve your insect, pest, or rodent treatment, no questions asked.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control has developed a service for residential customers by incorporating insecticides that use botanicals or plant extracts to control unwanted insects. Natural and green insecticides thwart unwanted insects through contact or ingestion and they work surprisingly well! Our Green Pest Control NJ program is new, but natural pest control is nothing new. Nature’s plants and trees have been fighting off unwanted insects for millions of years. Simply put, mother earth knows best when it comes to natural and green pest control. We are just bringing these services to life with our Green Pest Control NJ program by incorporating mother earth’s techniques and combining them with our own.

There are other on-going green methods that can also be used in combination with our Green Pest Control service. Trap monitoring, used alongside our innovative green pest control solutions work to solve most insect infestations without harming the environment, your family, and your pets. Our Green Pest Control NJ program provides: Green Ant Control, Green Pest Control, Natural Pest Control, Green Insect Control, & Eco-Friendly Pest Control.

Why We Went Green and Why You Should Too

For our families, going green was an easy decision. It just took some effort on our parts to find and use only the best green ingredients that effectively did the job and incorporate them into our Green Pest Control NJ program. After all, our number one concern is helping our customers get rid of insects and pests in a green and natural way. This is why we developed our Green Pest Control NJ program. Why add more chemicals to the environment if it can be avoided? Here at Arkadia, we understand the need to be green, especially today, given the state of our current environment.

Why don’t more pest control companies offer a Green Pest Control service? That’s because they are stuck in the past and are not willing to learn new techniques and provide expensive green pest control training programs for their NJ technicians. Our program is ahead of the curve in that regard. We strongly believe that our environment and our health trump all other concerns, even profit. So join Arkadia – Eco Pest Control and our service as we pave the way to a cleaner and greener tomorrow, and provide New Jersey residents with a service that they deserve. Go green with Arkadia – Eco Pest Control and our one-of-a-kind Green Pest Control service!

Arkadia’s GreenPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association

  • Protect Your Family and Your Home from Pests the Green Way.
  • Preserve Our Great State of New Jersey and the Planet with Green Pest Control Service.
  • Eco-Effective Pest Control is The Way of the Future in New Jersey and Around The World.

Arkadia’s highly-trained staff and certified Green Pest Control technicians make great strides on a daily basis to preserve our planet and increase consumer awareness for environmentally responsible initiatives through green pest control solutions in NJ. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has witnessed Arkadia’s green pest control efforts and awarded us with the world’s largest and most credible green certification for pest management professionals – GreenPro.

Arkadia’s Green People Pest Control Seal of Approval

“Green” residents and business owners want services that are truly green, natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. Anyone can say that they offer green services, but who can you trust? This is why Arkadia – Eco Pest Control volunteered to put our program through Green People’s stringent Green Assessment process. We want our NJ clients to know that when we say that our services are “Green”, we mean “green”. Our program passed the Green Assessment process with flying colors and Arkadia was awarded with Green People’s Seal of Approval. Thank you Green People for your vote of confidence in our service!

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