Deer Ticks, also known as black-legged ticks, transmit the bacterium Lyme disease via a skin bite. The disease can be transferred by an infected deer tick, but not all ticks carry Lyme. Not all tick bites lead to the dreaded Lyme disease. The transfer bite depends on whether or not the deer tick is an infected carrier or not. The problem is that it is impossible to determine by first sight whether the tick bite was caused by an infected deer tick or a non-carrier.

This is why pest control professionals and the medical field recommend lawn and yard tick treatments in NJ to keep the tick population in check and limiting your chances of being infected.


Ticks are very tiny insects and that makes them extremely dangerous. Immature deer ticks in New Jersey are so tiny that they can be smaller than a pin head and adult deer ticks in NJ are only slightly larger. Both young and mature ticks can carry and transmit Lyme disease. Despite their name, deer ticks do not only drop off deer. Mice, cats, dogs, rabbits and other warm blooded creatures are also modes of tick transport so ticks can wind up in your yard whether or not deer are present. Mice, cats, and dogs can also bring ticks into the house and because they are so tiny they can live indoors undetected. Humans are also modes of transport for ticks. Like bed bugs, ticks are hitchhikers. Ticks grab hold of humans passing by them, work their way under clothes and attach to exposed skin for feeding. This is why it is extremely important to check your clothes and skin for ticks before returning indoors, especially your lower pants, legs and shoes.

Green Tick Treatment in NJ

Protect your family this summer with our Green Tick treatment in NJ and enjoy your yard and lawn today and all summer long. Have a barbeque with friends, enjoy the pool, or play some volley ball with the kids while having the peace of mind that the deer tick population is under control and that no pesticides were used in the process via green tick extermination.

Our eco-friendly tick treatment, depending on the size of your lawn and yard, can usually be performed by one our fully trained and NJ licensed pest control technicians in under an hour. Our green tick treatment is an easy process and one that has had our loyal NJ customers coming back to us year after year. The anxiety that comes with the threat of contracting Lyme disease via an infected deer tick bite is now a thing of the past thanks to Arkadia – Eco Pest Solutions, NJ’s Green Pest Control Professionals.

Arkadia’s natural tick treatment in NJ not only minimizes the risk of contracting Lyme disease by lowering the tick population in your NJ lawn and yard, but we do so by using green pest control solutions. That’s right! There are no harmful pesticides used when our green tick treatment is performed. Our NJ state licensed pest control technicians use a botanical cedar oil based spray solution. Our green cedar oil based spray not only controls the deer tick population but also helps to control a wide variety of crawling insects. It’s a broad spectrum green treatment that can also keep fleas under control as well. Our green tick service in New Jersey is one of a kind and is only offered by Arkadia – Eco Pest Control. Allow us to provide your family with our earth-friendly tick services and enjoy the sun all summer long the best way you can; the natural way. No pesticides decaying in the soil, no chemicals seeping into water wells, streams, rivers and lakes. Go green this summer and join our NJ family with our certified green tick control service. Check out our Green Pest Control treatment page to find out more about our green services.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control provides tick treatments throughout northern and central New Jersey. We offer a Green Pest Control treatment to control ticks that uses plant extracts and botanical oils to thwart the deer tick insect infestation. Ticks can cause an unnecessary level of stress that can be alleviated by contracting a pest control service to perform a professional lawn and yard tick treatment. It’s important for us that our NJ customers receive only the highest quality tick and insect service available. We take an enormous amount of pride in offering an eco-friendly service that is human, earth, and pet-friendly and can be performed in a fairly reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price. Contact us today for a quick and free tick control quote.

Enjoy your yard this summer without the constant worry of being bitten by an infected deer tick. Our green tick treatment not only lowers the risk of contracting Lyme disease by limiting the tick population in your yard, but does so without the use of harmful pesticides. Our natural tick treatment uses botanical cedar oil (a plant based solution derived from chrysanthemum) to control a wide variety of insects, including deer ticks. This green pest control tick service in NJ is offered by Arkadia – Eco Pest Control all summer long and offers our NJ customers a green tick control service without the risk of chemicals decaying in the soil. Protect your yard this summer by limiting the deer tick population, also known as the black-legged tick, and enjoy the summer the right way, naturally.

Tick Questions

Should I see a doctor after a tick bite?

A doctor visit is always recommended if you or a family member are experiencing a small or large rash, illness, or fever once a tick bite has taken place. Make sure that you tell your doctor that you or your family member has been bitten by a tick.

Can Lyme disease be treated?

The answer is yes. Antibiotics by mouth or intravenous can be administered by a doctor to treat Lyme disease that has been transmitted via a deer tick bite. The level of treatment depends upon the severity of the symptoms and how quickly medical treatment is administered.

Deer Tick Prevention in NJ

*Always tuck your pants into your clothes while walking through thick brush so ticks cannot find their way onto the surface of your skin.

*Apply an all-natural insect repellant to exposed skin and clothes while spending time outdoor in grassy areas.

*Perform period tick checks on your children, your pets, and yourself every few hours to make sure that no ticks have attached themselves to clothes or skin. The quicker a tick is removed from skin or clothing, the less likely an infected deer tick will transmit Lyme disease.

*Keep your grass and weeds cut as short as possible. The longer your grass, the higher ticks can climb for attachment.

If you are a New Jersey resident and would like to schedule an appointment or have questions concerning our Green Tick Control Program, call today to speak with a member of our staff