Arkadia – Eco Pest Control, located in the heart of Morris County, NJ, officially nominated themselves as, “The Future of Pest Control”, with the debut of their television commercial which began airing on multiple Cablevision stations in Morris County, NJ on March 1, of this year. You may have seen the commercial if you’re a Cablevision subscriber and if you have seen Arkadia’s television spot you probably remember it. I say that because it’s a comical commercial that not only introduces Arkadia, the new kid on the pest control block, to an audience of over 600,000 Cablevision viewers in Morris County, NJ, but also introduces NJ residents and business owners to a totally fresh approach to pest control.

At the start of the commercial, we see a cave man that is furiously beating a woman’s front lawn with his club as the woman looks on in distress. What else would a cave man use to perform an ant treatment? The narrator says, “Don’t hire a caveman to treat your pest problem! Hire Arkadia.”The viewer is then taken on a quick journey that visually describes why Arkadia just may be the future of pest control. Let me explain why I’ve jumped on the Arkadia bandwagon and why I will call them first when a pest decides to infiltrate my home in Randolph, NJ.

Arkadia, the company with the big green frog logo plastered on the sides of all their service vehicles, certainly is conducting business in such a way that warrants such accolades as, ‘The Future of Pest Control’. After all, there are only a few other pest control companies currently in NJ that solely advertise their services as primarily“green”. However, Arkadia is the only green pest control company to make this huge leap from near obscurity to the bright lights of television and according to them, their proud of it.

We’re changing the way NJ residents think about pest control,” says Mark Constantino, President of Arkadia in Rockaway, NJ. “Our main goal with this particular ad campaign was twofold. Obviously, we wanted to create awareness about our eco-sensible pest control services, but more importantly, awareness about the importance of keeping our local environment as ecologically-sound as possible. I feel that it’s my responsibility as a business owner to create such awareness. The positive response and press we’ve received from this commercial tells me that both goals are being met and that makes me one proud small-business owner.”

“I’m not a cave man!” Constantino said with a smile. “It’s not like I have anything against cave men. I don’t. I actually think they were pretty cool. I just feel that humans have more responsibility now, then when we did in the ice age. The future of our planet is in our hands. From major oil spills to the decline of the honey bee population, we are responsible for coming up with strategies that will prevent these types of things from happening. I’m a modern man with a modern train of thought. I realize that all my actions have consequences, so I developed a strong, daily habit to think and act green whenever I do something, whether I’m at home or at work.”

“While I was in the process of writing the script for the cave man commercial,” Constantino continued, “I spent many sleepless nights thinking about how we could create awareness about our green pest control services while simultaneously informing the viewer that traditional pest control procedures, or pest control procedures that were commonly used yesterday, are not the only methods available to NJ homeowners and business owners. I consider Arkadia, the healthier, green alternative. This doesn’t mean that old, traditional pest control methods don’t work; they do, but why not take a more sustainable, eco-conscious approach if one is available? Arkadia fills that desire and that’s what led me to the tagline, ‘modern pest control for a modern world.”

After speaking with Constantino in great length, I strongly believe that it’s imperative that Arkadia call themselves, “The Future of Pest Control”. After meeting with them and viewing the commercial, I feel that Arkadia truly is the face of modern pest control, not only in New Jersey, but on the entire East Coast. The ideology behind Arkadia’s green pest control services and the impact these eco-conscious procedures can have on the local environment if more consumers hopped aboard are both refreshing and responsible. Imagine if all pest control companies adopted a totally green approach? Why are we so quick to jump to applying strong pest procedures when an ant or bed bug problem arises in our home? Maybe it’s because we’re currently living in a society that demands instant gratification, no matter the cost. A green pest control service like Arkadia forces us to think about softer, greener alternatives.

I found Arkadia’s current television commercial both refreshing and informative. I especially enjoy the narrator’s closing comments, “Don’t call a caveman! Cavemen are stuck in the past. Call Arkadia… Modern pest control for a modern world.” Arkadia – Eco Pest Control can be contacted at 888-979-1170. Visit green pest control services in NJ to learn more about their green pest control services in New Jersey. The caveman spot for television that highlights their green pest control solutions in NJ can also be viewed directly on their web site or on Youtube

– Written by Donald Sterling for Golf Connection Magazine