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Springtail Control

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While it may seem unfair to dislike creatures solely based on their harmless habits and ugly bodies, springtails may deserve the loathing that they receive. While not harming your home’s wood structure as termites do and not carrying germs as roaches do, their soft bodies and ability to jump cause revulsion by homeowners. New Jersey’s geography and climate combine to provide desirable conditions that allow the annoying insect to flourish.

Identifying a Springtail

Cold weather drives springtails indoors, and you may find infestations of the tiny creatures in your basement, garage, around your pool, in the bathtub or under sinks. Moisture is essential for their survival. At a minuscule size of 1/16th to 1/8th inch long, they can form a swarm of a handful or an infestation of thousands around your downspouts, in your flower beds, by your sprinkler heads, near your septic tank or under a wood pile. Green soil provides a perfect home for them, and the potted plants that you bring into your home may include springtails. A special adaptation gives them the ability to spring upward to a height of three or four inches with surprising force, a most annoying habit.

Discouraging Infestations

Our trained technicians can locate excessive moisture around your home that provides the dampness that springtails prefer. Leaking pipes or faucets inside your home or damp areas around your downspouts can encourage springtails to form swarms. Dampness around your tub or sinks can allow moisture to enter voids in your walls where infestations can develop. We can locate and treat places in your home that are excessively wet. Allowing moist areas to dry out completely discourages inhabitation by springtails.

Eradicating Springtails from Your Home

A swarm of springtails that suddenly appears in your home gives you a warning that they are probably surrounding it. Our eco-friendly pest control methods can provide a non-chemical treatment that gets rid of your springtails. As winter subsides, we can locate breeding sites and eradicate them. We encourage our clients to remove decaying vegetation, firewood and compost piles. Decorative flower beds near your house need a layer of mulch that is no thicker than four inches, and less allows it to remain dry except for periodic watering.

Choosing Arkadia for Your Pest Control Needs

We honor a commitment to provide a superior green pest control service to each client, and we guarantee results with every treatment. Our professional technicians deliver eco-friendly treatment for ants, bed bugs, fleas, hornets, roaches, silverfish, and all other insects as well as rodents that invade your home or yard.

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