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Spider Control

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All Spiders deliver a venomous bite; a necessary component to their feeding habits. Upon capturing prey, a bite injects the venom that liquefies the insect of prey to allow the spider to consume it.

Threats to Humans 

Spiders are mostly an annoyance and can make even the bravest of humans scream in horror. Only a very few spiders deliver a bite with enough venom to cause medical concern when a human is bitten. 

Arkadia provides spider treatment and control throughout New Jersey. Spiders can be uncomfortable and dangerous insects to live with, so we know it is important that our customers are provided with only the best spider services and treatment in NJ. Our technicians take pride in tackling the toughest spider infestations for homes, offices and condos.

Spiders can be found infesting corners, cracks, overhangs, and crevices in homes and offices in New Jersey. Spiders often congregate in large numbers and are known to spin small or large webs to catch their prey.

Our technicians provide New Jersey customers with a professional and thorough spider examination. Pinpointing spider nests and treating them is our number one priority. Once all spider nests are found, our pest control technicians will devise a proper treatment plan, which may include the use of a residual insecticide spray treatment of the perimeter of your home. Spiders may have several nests or webs in or around the home, so inspection is key to solving any spider infestation, before a spider treatment can be planned and executed.

Spider Prevention

Control techniques include clutter removal and sealing. Spiders like to spin their webs in clutter filled areas like basements and garages are obvious trouble areas for these silent insects. Removing clutter and keeping storage away from walls is the first step in controlling most spider infestations.

Other prevention techniques that will help solve your Spider problem include sealing and treatment. Sealing up cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home is key to saving you and your family from these unsightly critters. Treatment by a local pest control service may be needed if a Spider infestation is too large to combat on your own. New Jersey residents can call Arkadia – Eco Pest Control for more information on Spider control.

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