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Silverfish Control


Silverfish are found nesting primarily in attic spaces. It’s true. These silver and shiny looking insects love the heat and humidity so they tend to naturally migrate to the highest spot in your home. These creepy looking insects are called “Silverfish” because of their silver plate shell and their sea creature-like appearance. Some of our customers get them confused with house centipedes, but Silverfish are not centipedes though they will enter your living space through similar entry points (vents, floor and ceiling fixtures).

Threat To Humans

Silverfish are not considered a threat to our health. They are considered a nuisance pest however, because of their tendency to feed upon wallpaper glue, bindings of books, products made of cotton and pretty much anything consisting of carbohydrates and proteins. Like Cave Crickets and Centipedes, Silverfish can be uncomfortable to live with, especially when they have settled into your home and have amassed in large numbers. Our customers usually call us when the Silverfish population in their home has gotten to the point where one or more has been seen crawling on a wall or floor a few times a week, but no matter how long your Silverfish problem has gone on for Arkadia – Eco Pest Control can help by offering comprehensive Silverfish treatment and control services.

Silverfish Treatment

Our Silverfish treatment consists of a three step process which we guarantee will work to vanish these creepy-looking insects from your home once and for all. First, we will send out one of our licensed Pest Control technicians to inspect your home and determine which areas of your house need special attention. These specific areas are where the Silverfish are nesting. A special treatment plan consisting of a spray, bait, and dust treatment will then be executed in a professional manner that is specifically designed to drive the Silverfish population way down and we guarantee results.

Because Silverfish are usually found nesting in attic spaces most of our pest control technician’s efforts will be concentrated up there. We have to hit them where they live as the old saying goes. Baiting your home’s attic with an green-based granular bait will be a primary focus of our Silverfish treatment of your home. The bait we use acts as a sweet tasty treat for Silverfish, but they are in for a bitter-sweet surprise. All of our insect pest control treatments in New Jersey are also accompanied by an exterior foundation spray treatment of your home.

Once we have eradicated or controlled your Silverfish infestation, the best way to keep them down is by keeping up with yearly or bi-annually preventative pest control treatments. Our preventative insect pest control treatments are by far the most thorough available consisting of foundation and soil treatments, granular baiting treatments, and full inspections of the interior and exterior of your home.

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Arkadia – Eco Pest Control also provides Green Pest Control Solutions for Silverfish where green products such as Thyme Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Soybean Oil and other plant extracts are used to control Silverfish without having a negative impact on the environment or your health. Our green pest control treatments for Silverfish are also backed by our no hassle guarantee. Call our office for more information on our green pest control services.

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