The sight of a rat or multiple rats entering a home or work place may be enough to scare a person out of their wits; however rats can be easily controlled through Arkadia’s professional rodent control, inspection, and treatment pest control services in NJ. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control has highly trained licensed pest control technicians that are able to spot out where the rats are entering, eliminate those areas, proceed to lay traps, and install appropriately located rat bait boxes on the exterior of the location where the rats have been found nesting and frequenting.

Our pest control technician’s goal  is to thoroughly assess and diagnose rat control areas in their entirety, record all problem areas, provide proper service to control the rat problem and to prevent current and future problems of the rodents. Three words our company most values when treating and performing rat control pest services in is: seal, trap and control.

Rats are notorious for their chewing habits. Rats are infamous for their ability to chew holes into the side of houses and buildings. Rats can also squeeze through cracks, crevices, and holes as small as a half an inch. This means that rats can squeeze their furry bodies through openings that are equal to the size of a quarter. This is exactly where Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in NJ steps in. Our NJ pest control technicians will begin the sealing process soon after the initial pest control inspection has been performed. This step in controlling the rat problem is essential and one of the most successful steps in the control and elimination of rats entering any and all affected areas. During the inspection the Arkadia pest control technician will take note and seal the places where rats are of suspicion. By doing this the rats will not only no longer have a place to exit but more importantly not a place to enter. Rats are naturally tremendously clever and a rodent of who thrives on repetition and regularity. In other words, rats keep to the same routine on a daily basis and rarely take stutter steps away from their ritualistic paths. Sealing causes a great deal of confusion when the rats try to find their way in and out through the holes that they would have typically used to enter or exit the location because these areas are now sealed. This leads us to our next two important steps of rat treatment; rat trapping and rat control.

Prevention & Treatment

Rat Control and rat treatments are both an internal and external job. Our licensed pest control technicians will do the majority of the sealing outside, however the inside may need it as well especially in a building-like setting. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control acts like a team of detectives on every pest control job to provide the best quality of pest control, pest minimization, and pest deterrence. While inside a client’s home, the pest control technician may begin his or her rat control inspection in the attic or the basement area.

This step in the rat control inspection depends on the customer’s complaints and/or findings. The rodent control technician will combine where sealing took place and find any rat droppings within visibility. This will help the Arkadia pest control technician determine where the traps should be placed where they will be most affective. Externally, several rat bait boxes will be placed surrounding the perimeter of the customer’s home or clients business. The trap and bait system provides double prevention inside and outside of the home in combination with the sealing leading to the control and elimination of the rats. We also offer Mice Control pest services as well.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control Provides: RAT SEALING, RAT CONTROL, RAT CLEAN-UP and RAT SANITATION in NJ.

Did you know?

Rats in NJ have also been known to carry fleas and ticks into homes and buildings. This means that rats are not only carrying their own bacteria and diseases into the location, but may also be carrying those associated with fleas and ticks. It’s a well known fact that rats were highly involved in the transmission and dispersal of the Black Plague.


Rats carry several diseases, viruses, and bacteria including, one very common one called salmonellas, which makes an infestation of rats in ones home and/or work area a potential health risk in NJ. Humans can come in contact with any these bacterial agents by ingesting rat contaminated food, water, or by simply breathing in rat droppings that are contaminated. Another way is direct contact with the rodent which is rare. Rats are one of the more shy rodents. In fact, rat incursion into a home may take weeks, or even months. One may be at risk to receiving a rat bite, though this is a rare occurrence. If droppings and contamination is bothersome please feel free to ask Arkadia – Eco Pest Control and about our Rodent Control Services. Arkadia also offers rat control sanitation and rat dropping clean-up in NJ. We also offer smart advice on how a customer can clean-up rat droppings on their own, while minimizing risk of infections.