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With our Quality Pro and New Jersey Pest Management Association certifications, you can be sure that all of our natural and eco-friendly pest control services are of the highest quality. Get the services you need with the quality and care your home deserves. 

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Award-Winning Customer Service

Our services always come with a smile, and we are proud to have won multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards for our top-notch customer service. You can expect clear communication and expectations from friendly technicians who will take care of you and any of your pest concerns. 

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​Pest Control in Greenville

Being a homeowner is a lot of work. You have a responsibility to protect your household, your property, and your community environment. If you’re tired of handling these responsibilities on your own, the experts at Arkadia are here to help! With our eco-friendly pest control in Greenville, we can help you get rid of pests safely and restore your peace of mind. Give us a call today and we can get started as early as tomorrow!

Our exterminators in Greenville can protect you from a wide variety of pests including: 

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cave Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Roaches
  • Stinging insects
  • Stink Bugs 
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Wildlife
  • And More!



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Say Yes to Award-Winning Pest Control Service

At Arkadia - Eco Pest Control, we believe in the continual training of all of our employees. Through regular customer service and safety training, we ensure that our exterminators in Greenville are able to provide the quality of service you expect from an award-winning pest control company. Winning the Angie’s List Super Service Award for top-notch customer service on multiple occasions is the result of our consistent dedication to our customers’ satisfaction. 

When you partner with our exterminators in Greenville, you can count on:

  • A free pest inspection to identify your home’s unique needs.
  • A thorough consultation with one of our expert exterminators in Greenville.
  • Hassle-free scheduling and Saturday hours.
  • Eco-friendly treatments for safe pest removal.
  • Preventative treatments in the spring and fall to keep pests away.
  • Year-round follow-ups and free re-treatments as needed.

Rodent Removal in Greenville

Perhaps you’ve noticed teeth marks or holes in food packaging, holes in the floor, or the sound of scurrying or scratching within the walls. This could be a sign of a rodent problem. Figuring out the extent of this rodent infestation and where they are nesting can be hard to determine on your own. At Arkadia - Eco Pest Control, our qualified rodent exterminators are trained in the latest and most effective eco-friendly treatment methods to keep you and your family safe without using dangerous chemicals or inhumane traps. 

When you partner with Arkadia for humane rodent control in Greenville, SC, you can expect:

  • A thorough and free inspection to determine nest location and entry-points.
  • Sealing entry points to keep mice and rats away.
  • Mouse trapping, rat trapping, and additional rodent removal services.
  • Humane and eco-friendly treatment you can trust.
  • A rodent-free home!

Our rat and mice control services in Greenville are efficient and successful, guaranteeing to kick these pests out and keep them out!


Mosquito Exterminator in Greenville

The warm climate that we all enjoy here in South Carolina can unfortunately make it a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only can they cause you irritation with their bites, but they are well-known carriers of dangerous diseases like malaria and zika virus. Our team here at Arkadia can help you take back control of your yard. Our eco-friendly approach is guaranteed to give you the mosquito-free yard that you deserve. 

Partnering with our team for your mosquito control in Greenville gives you access to: 

  • A detailed home inspection to locate potential breeding areas and mosquito problem spots. 
  • Eco-friendly spray treatments to cover all identified areas for effective mosquito removal. 
  • Multiple treatment schedules available depending on whether you want continuous protection or one-off treatment. 
  • Guaranteed mosquito relief and if there are any issues in between treatments we will re-treat for free! 
  • Same day and next day servicing so that we can fix your mosquito problems as soon as you need and prevent further disruption. 


Sustainable, Local Exterminators

As your local experts in pest removal, we have a responsibility to not only protect you from harmful pests, but also to utilize treatments and techniques that avoid harming you and the environment. That’s why we have developed pest control programs that rely on organic plant oils and extracts to treat pests safely and naturally rather than choosing treatments known to damage local ecosystems. We are proud to have earned the Green People’s Seal of Approval and GreenPro certification by the National Pest Management Association for our commitment to protecting people and wildlife.  

Termite Exterminator in Greenville

Termites are known to be one of the most financially burdensome pests in the country, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes each year. These pests are fast and destructive 24 hours a day. That’s why it’s important to contact the professionals for termite control before the damage becomes irreversible. Reach out to us at Arkadia Eco Pest Control where we provide eco-responsible termite treatment in Greenville, SC! 


Health Conscious Termite Treatment

While our competitors often use toxic chemicals to remove termites from your home, our exterminators use only the safest treatments to protect your loved ones and the environment. Our treatments don’t cause damaging runoff and pollution, so you can partner with us knowing that we aim to make a positive impact by not only providing you with a termite-free home but also protecting the community. 

When you partner with us for termite control in Greenville, you can expect:

  • A free termite inspection.
  • One-time or recurring treatment options.
  • Termite pod systems and full-home trenching care.
  • Service plans quarterly or bi-annually tailored to your needs.
  • Your peace of mind, guaranteed.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Greenville

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone. These pests easily hop into your luggage, cling to your clothing, and sneak inside secondhand furniture. Once bed bugs are in your home, the only way to get rid of them is with professional bed bug treatment in Greenville. When you trust Arkadia, you can feel confident that we’ll always use the safest and most effective products to get the job done.

Our bed bug control in Greenville, SC, includes:

  • A careful bed bug inspection to determine where pests are hiding.
  • High-suction vacuuming to begin removing bed bugs.
  • Steam treatments eliminate adults, nymphs, and eggs on soft surfaces.
  • Dusting and eco-friendly spray applications for total elimination.
  • Our bed bug-free guarantee - warrantied for up to one year.

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Wildlife Control in Greenville

Wildlife can be beautiful, but wild things belong in the wild, not your home and property. If you’re having an issue with the creatures around you taking over your lawn, it's time to call in the wildlife control professionals. Arkadia Eco-Pest Control has trained technicians that will work with you to get your property under control again. Receive a free quote so you can see how our quality service works without breaking the bank.

Our wildlife removal service in Greenville includes: 

  • Visual inspection of the property to determine problem areas.
  • A customized plan for your home, explained by an expert technician. 
  • Removal of any wildlife as well as any nests they may have created.
  • Cleaning and sanitation where wildlife resided. 
  • Repairs of property in order to keep wildlife from coming back.

Ant Exterminator in Greenville

Are ants bothering you by infesting your kitchen, garage, or other spaces in your home? Get the peace of mind you deserve with professional ant control at Arkadia. We’ll keep you and your family protected from these pests all while doing it safely and efficiently. Our highly skilled ant exterminators will handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Leave it to the experts for proper care!

When you opt for our ant treatment in Greenville, we will:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection to determine the source of your ant problems.
  • Provide treatments to get rid of ants using an eco-friendly insecticide spray.
  • Same-day services to work around your schedule. 
  • And more!

What Sets Arkadia Apart From Other Companies

At Arkadia, our approach to pest control is proactive, customer-oriented, and education-focused. Our ant exterminators take their role seriously by attending regular training sessions and staying up to date on the newest technology available on the market. We work together with a focus on providing quality, yet affordable services, because we believe pest control should be accessible to everyone. When you partner with us for ant control in Greenville, we want you to feel like part of the family, and we work hard to make that happen. Give us a call, and we promise you’ll never have to search for reliable pest control services again!

Need Service Outside of Greenville?

We also service the following cities surrounding Greenville, SC:

  • Conestee
  • Fountain Inn
  • Greer
  • Mauldin
  • Piedmont
  • Simpsonville
  • Spartanburg
  • Taylors
  • Travelers Rest


5 Star Review

Excellent service by professional technicians.

Elyse Pepper
5 Star Review

I always love the guys from Arcadia… They are so easy to schedule appointments…

a great job always… very happy !!!

Cyndi Frank
5 Star Review

Professional company and easy to work with. Quickly assessed and solved my rodent problem.

Laila Stankus
Hackettstown Office

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