Paramus, NJ Organic Pest Control

Paramus, New Jersey, is the heart of Bergen County. With its bustling businesses and beautiful suburban neighborhoods, Paramus has been the place to be since the 1950s. Thanks to its direct access to cities across the New York metropolitan area, it has attracted many folks who want to live in a convenient location. It's easy to see why locals say that Paramus is a great place to live. Unfortunately, rodents and insects agree.

Common Pests in the Paramus Area

Despite the steady population growth and booming development, there's still plenty of room for pests in the suburban yards, city parks, shopping centers and offices. In our neck of the woods, each season presents its own problems.

During the frigid winters, many pests rush indoors to find a cozy hiding spot. In the spring and summer, you might find yourself fighting mosquitoes, ticks, ants or bees every time that you go outdoors.

Things can become even more sinister if you're facing aggressive invaders like termites and bedbugs. Unfortunately, no one in our area is immune to pest infestations. When problems crop up, we can help by providing ecological solutions.

Organic Pest Control in Paramus, NJ

At Arkadia Eco Pest Control, we use the power of nature to eliminate pests. Since 2004, we've been leading the way by offering organic pest control services to local homeowners and businesses. Nature has created many effective pest control strategies that will not impact the environment negatively or put your family in harm's way. Whether you're dealing with rodents, roaches, bedbugs or bees, we'll address the problem in a safe and professional manner.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Our organic pest control services benefit local homeowners and businesses. Sign up for our annual service agreement to enjoy ongoing protection from pests, or ask about our one-time service visits. Our certified technicians will inspect your home or commercial building. We look for signs of pest activity and accurately assess the scope of the infestation to determine which treatments will be most effective.

As experts in organic pest control, we look at the whole picture. That's the essence of our integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. We perform properly timed seasonal treatments that produce optimal results efficiently. We also implement environmental changes that make your property less attractive to pests. The goal is to avoid using harsh chemicals when other products are just as effective and have fewer environmental risks and side effects.

Organic Pest Control Experts in Paramus

To request a free quote, contact Arkadia Eco Pest Control today. We provide general pest management services and one-time treatments that address specific infestations. Whether you're battling termites, bedbugs, ants or mice, we have an effective ecological solution for the problem.