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The best way to keep a pest-free home is to arm yourself with industry expertise. Our blog is here to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in green pest control. When it comes to pests, knowledge is half the battle.

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Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Rodents, insects, and wildlife that we often consider (and refer to as) “pests” all play an important role in our ecosystem, but it doesn’t always mean that we want them to inhabit our homes and yards.Read more
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Types of Bees in New Jersey

Like most other states in the US and across the globe, New Jersey is home to many types of bees and stinging insects. And while some types of bees are beneficial for our ecosystems, others present not just an annoyance to residents, but also potential risks.Read more
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DIY Green Pest Control

Before you spray or scatter a pesticide, think—really think—about what a pesticide is. It’s a toxic agent designed to intentionally kill living things.Read more
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DIY Green Mosquito Control

Those warm, muggy New Jersey days and nights are rapidly approaching, which could mean only one thing: It’s time for mosquito season. As the cold winter gives way to the humid summer, it’s time to take a proactive, green approach to mosquito control. Harsh chemicals pollute the environment and put people, animals and beneficial insects at risk. Using natural methods will help deter mosquitoes while protecting yourself and the world around you.Read more
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DIY Green Ant Control

Regardless of the type, ants can be a tough pest to eliminate. They invade homes when they’re on a quest for food and water. Because pesticides can be dangerous for you and your family, green ant control is the safest way to get rid of an infestation.Read more


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