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Botanical Oils: Luxury? Fragrance? Skin Care? Soothing Pain Relief?

Yes, All of the Above… and Then There’s Pest Control!

What do you think when you hear the words botanical oils? A luxurious bath, a pleasing perfume fragrance or a skin treatment that works against aging?

Choose any of those, and you’re correct. But there’s another usage to add to the list. Organic oils like rosemary, thyme and wintergreen with their mint-like fragrance can combat house wreckers like bugs and rodents. Consumers go to great lengths to control insects with toxic repellents and overlook the negative effects from fumes and residual particles post application, particularly for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

But our Organic Pest Control New Jersey program incorporates components that are least harmful to humans but definitely knockdown insects—even stink bugs and bed bugs, which in recent years have become a challenge to New Jersey homeowners. We use green insecticide botanical sprays, organic dusting materials, and sealing to block entry areas, plus vacuuming and steaming to eliminate the scourge of insects such as carpenter ants. We also use green methods to seal entries and trap and control rodents.

Our services are affordable, effective and 100% guaranteed. Health-wise—they’re priceless!

A note from Mark Constantino, Arkadia – Eco Pest Control President

On a trip to the West Coast in 2009 I was struck by how many businesses had gone green. At that time, I was an employee for a pest control service in NJ, and progressive west coast attitudes got me thinking there was an environmentally friendly way to fight bugs and rodents. I returned home, developed a business plan and started Arkadia – Eco Pest Control to provide a beneficial service to home-owners and, at the same time, do some-thing good for the environment.

Arkadia currently has three offices, operates in 13 counties and is New Jersey’s fastest growing and highest rated eco-friendly pest control company. It’s not uncommon to hear clients say, “Wow, I didn’t know this [kind of service] existed!” That positive reaction has led to good word-of-mouth exposure. We’ve also gotten air time on NBC News for our eco-friendly treatment of an increasingly menacing New Jersey home-wrecker--the stink bug.

I’m proud to say, we’ve just signed on our 1000th customer. To commemorate the milestone, I’m starting this monthly newsletter. What you use for pest control affects your family and also your neighbors, people walking their dogs and doing yard work, and kids playing ball and riding their bikes. The more you know about us and eco-friendly pest control in NJ, the better your community. The Eco Advocate also represents our commitment to foster a greener environment by recommending countless healthy options that will benefit everyone—from eco-friendly single-serve coffee pods to products used for lawn maintenance.

Just as I thought when I started Arkadia, this newsletter can’t be anything short of a win-win for our environment and for all of us!

Till next month.

- Mark Constantino

President - Arkadia - Eco Pest Control

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