DIY Organic Mosquito Control

Those warm, muggy New Jersey days and nights are rapidly approaching, which could mean only one thing: It's time for mosquito season. As the cold winter gives way to the humid summer, it's time to take a proactive, organic approach to mosquito control. Harsh chemicals pollute the environment and put people, animals and beneficial insects at risk. Using natural methods will help deter mosquitoes while protecting yourself and the world around you.

3 Tips for DIY Mosquito Control

1 - Protect yourself with an all-natural repellent

Spraying yourself with an over-the-counter mosquito repellent isn't always the best idea. Many of those store-bought products contain DEET, a chemical compound that can cause negative health effects in people. Create your own natural mosquito repellent with organic citronella oil and organic coconut oil. Use a one-to-one ratio, and apply it on your exposed skin to keep the mosquitoes away.

2 - Remove standing water from your property

New Jersey's high humidity not only feels sticky but also makes it difficult for standing water to evaporate quickly after it rains. As the water pools on surfaces and in cracks, it becomes stagnant and the perfect spot for mosquitoes to breed. Females seek out standing water in which to lay their eggs, and it only takes a few days for the eggs to hatch and the larvae to grow into adults.

Seal up any cracks and crevices around your home, and flip over any unused buckets or pots that could collect water. If you have pits in the yard, fill them with sod to prevent water from pooling. Other objects such as birdbaths and pet bowls also collect water, so check them every day to ward off mosquitoes.

3 - Create a barrier around your home

It takes more than wearing mosquito repellent to keep these blood-sucking pests out of your yard. You'll need to apply a repellent around the perimeter of your home as the first defense. Next, spray the low-lying foliage and bushes with the repellent to target mosquito resting places. Make sure to spray the lower parts of any trees in your backyard, especially the lower leaves since mosquitoes enjoy resting under them during the day.

Professional Mosquito Control in New Jersey

If you want to avoid mosquitoes this summer, contact Arkadia - Eco Pest Control for a free quote. We believe in fighting mosquito infestations the natural way and want to protect you, your family and the environment without the need to use harsh toxins. Let our team inspect your property for mosquito resting areas and build an impenetrable wall to keep these pests out for good.

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