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The house Centipede, or Scutigera coleoptrata, is a typically yellow-grey centipede with 15 pairs of legs. These centipedes eat other insects and are commonly mistaken as the Silverfish, which is one of the centipede’s favorite insects to eat. These pests can be scary to home or business owners, so trust Arkadia to get rid of these leggy creatures!

Natural Centipede Control in Northern New Jersey

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Centipedes in New Jersey

Centipedes can be super creepy and startling, but they are more of a threat to our comfort level than anything else. Though centipedes have been known to bite humans, the insect’s bite is as harmless. New Jersey residents often find centipedes in the basement or lower levels of their homes. Centipedes enter the house through floor vents, cracks, pipe voids, and crevices. Arkadia Eco Pest Control offers complete Centipede control & treatment in Northern New Jersey!

Reliable Centipede Prevention

Pinpointing the centipede nest and treating the infestation is our number one priority. Once the centipede nest is found, our pest control technicians will devise a proper treatment plan, which may include the use of a residual insecticide spray treatment of the perimeter of your home and sealing off entry points. Centipedes may have several nests in or around the home, so inspection is key to solving any centipede issues before a full centipede treatment can be planned and executed.

If you think that you are having a centipede issue in your home or business, contact our eco-pest control team immediately. Our exterminator team will be more than happy to help you with all of your Centipede control concerns in NJ.

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