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Carpet Beetle Control

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Carpet beetles do not have the name recognition that other destructive pests like carpenter ants, silverfish and termites do. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent them from causing costly property damage in New Jersey homes.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles are tiny, oval-shaped bugs measuring roughly one-eighth of an inch in length. Often mistaken for bed bugs or fleas, they have wings hidden beneath hard shells that vary in color depending on their exact species. Immature carpet beetles look very different from their elders; they are small hairy worms covered in tufts of bristly hair. Carpet beetles sometimes enter homes by hitching a ride on cut flowers or items made from natural fibers. Alternately, they may simply find their way inside through a door, window or crack in a home’s building envelope.

Once inside a home, carpet beetles make a beeline for dark, hidden locations. They favor undisturbed places that allow them to stay out of sight, including areas inside walls or chimneys, behind baseboards, in closets or storage boxes, or in the attic or basement. Thanks to their stealthy habits, their presence often goes unnoticed until the damage from their feeding habits becomes a problem. Carpet beetles will eat most natural fibers, including wool, leather, fur, silk, feathers and cotton. They generally avoid synthetic fibers, but they will also nibble on plants, grains, pet food, and books and other paper products. Their dietary preferences mean that these tiny pests can do major damage to carpets, furniture, upholstery, clothing, bedding and other possessions. Fortunately, they don’t bite people, but individuals with sensitive skin may develop an itchy case of contact dermatitis if they have a close encounter with a carpet beetle.

Carpet Beetle Control From Arkadia

Since carpet beetle infestations tend to remain undetected until they are quite large, it’s important to enlist the assistance of a professional when the problem is discovered. At Arkadia – Eco Pest Control, we use our knowledge of carpet beetle behavior to identify their hidden nesting sites so that the problem can be addressed at its source with safe, effective treatments. Our eco-friendly methods eliminate unwanted insects without endangering your family’s health or the environment. Why risk unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful chemicals? Our green pest control methods offer a safe, sustainable solution that works.

As New Jersey’s highest-rated eco-friendly pest control company, Arkadia – Eco Pest Control is committed to delivering both excellent pest control and exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs.

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