What kind of Rodents nest in your Attic?

What Kind Of Rodents Nest In Your Attic?

People, wild animals and pests pursue similar things. Shelter and food top the list. Safety and protection are equally important to us and to creatures. This is the reason squirrels and mice set their sights on the attic. Now, let's delve deeper to find out how to counteract the problem.

How Do Pests Enter the Attic

Like a thief who's committed to taking the valuables in your home, squirrels will do whatever it takes to exploit any weak points in the roof. They will also gnaw through plastic or aluminum roof vents. Flying squirrels are among the usual intruders. Mice, on the other hand, gain entry to the attic by traveling up downspouts and walking through pipes and wall voids.

Why Do Pests Love the Attic

The attic is the closest room to the roof, and all sorts of critters scurry across the rooftop. What the pests want is a reliable source of shelter. Squirrels and mice prefer to breed in a dark area that's warm and secure. Once they find the insulating material inside your attic, they won't hesitate to build a nest that will support their offspring. That's why you have every reason to worry if you suspect that a mouse or a squirrel has found a way in your home.

What Kind of Damage Do Pests Cause

Like most pesky insects and rodents, mice and squirrels typically make their presence known by causing a lot of commotion. Unfortunately, anytime you hear disturbing noises in the attic, it's highly possible that some pest is up there tearing down the cellulose or fiberglass that's helping to keep your home warm.

Since squirrels have strong and sharp teeth just like mice, it's in your best interest to let a professional pest exterminator get to the bottom of the disturbances. These hyperactive creatures can do substantial damage to wiring and structural elements. Furthermore, a small infestation can quickly turn into a nightmarish headache.

To be more specific, squirrels tend to reproduce at least two times per year, and mice can give birth to more than 13 pups. Keep in mind that a female mouse has the ability to reproduce up to 10 times each year.

The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Home

When you are dealing with pests of any kind, it's never wise to cut corners. You will save money if you schedule a pest inspection instead of buying over-the-counter pesticide. Licensed exterminators are trained to find and remove rodents, especially feisty squirrels and disease-carrying mice.

Rodent Inspection

If you hear taping, scratches or footsteps coming from your attic and believe you may have a rodent infestation, makes sure to call you local Pest Control Company right away. Inspections are so important because they can reveal not only existing pest issues but also troubled areas that can easily be exploited by other critters.

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