Preparing Your Yard For Spring

If you want to enjoy a beautiful yard this spring and summer, you have to start working on your garden right now. As the weather warms up, you can spend more time outside doing chores. By taking a few simple steps, you can get your home and yard ready before the hot months of summertime arrive.

Clean Your Gutters

This springtime, take a few moments to clean out your gutters. For large home with high gutters, we strongly recommend having your gutters professionally cleaned. Leaves and debris can clog up your gutters and prevent them from draining properly. When you clean your gutters, you can also discover problems like drainage issues and insect infestations.

Trim Your Trees

Dead branches will eventually break. When this happens, they can damage your property or cause a major injury. During springtime, it is easier to see the condition of your tree branches because the leaves have not come out yet. Ideally, you should have a tree trimmer do a safety check of your tree branches at least once every three years.

Get Rid of Pest Problems

As the weather warms up, insects will start reproducing. A small infestation can quickly spiral out of control if you let it grow unchecked. With eco-friendly pest solutions, Arkadia can help you get rid of pest-related issues. Whether you need us to fumigate your home for termites or protect your yard from ticks, we can help.

Fertilize Your Lawn and Garden

If you want a gorgeous lawn, you should apply fertilizer during early spring. Then, you need to reapply the same fertilizer about six to eight weeks later. Spring is a great time for mulching your garden beds as well. You can start by trimming the dead branches on your shrubs. Next, you should apply a mulch over the entire garden bed. A good mulch will help you prevent weeds. Other than improving the appearance of your garden, mulching will also prevent moisture from being lost during the daytime.

Plant Your Spring Containers and Beds

During springtime, you can finally get your garden planted. Some flowers prefer being planted in early spring, and other flowers prefer late spring. Once you know when to plant your flowers, you can start creating your spring containers and flower beds.

Power Wash Your Home and Sidewalks

Power washing is an excellent way to prevent costly repairs. It also boosts the curbside appeal of your home. When you power wash your property, you can remove dust, mold, bird excrement, tree sap, mildew and allergens. Arkadia’s eco-friendly power washing solution can be used with aluminum, wood, brick, vinyl, cinder block and wood materials.

If you want to get your home ready this spring, Arkadia can help. Our small business has been helping the local community for more than 10 years. Thanks to our full-service solutions, you can easily enjoy having eco-friendly products for pest control. To learn more about everything we have to offer, call us today.