Oh Deer: Arkadia Offers Deer Repellent Services

When some people look outside their window and see a doe nibbling on their vegetation, they may pause to appreciate the seemingly serene scene. However, many local residents know through first-hand experience how devastating deer can be in a residential area. If you have noticed deer on your lawn or in the vicinity, you need to develop an effective strategy for deterring them from spending time on your property.

The Urgent Need to Address Your Deer Problem

The most obvious nuisance associated with deer on residential properties is damage to landscaping. In addition to making a meal out of your vegetation, they will leave behind urine and feces that can damage your lawn. There are also health concerns associated with deer. Consider that deer may bring ticks and Lyme disease on your property, which can be a danger to people and pets alike. Deer are generally known for being docile and even skittish, but they have been known to charge people and pets. This may be particularly common with bucks during the rutting season. Their antlers can be a serious health risk. Frightened or agitated deer can even break through windows and run into parked cars.

Strategies for Managing a Deer Problem at Home

While deer are undoubtedly pleasant to look at in a natural environment, they are clearly not creatures that you want on your property. There are many solutions that you could consider in order to deal with deer. One idea is to build a game fence around your property. This is typically an 8-foot fence, and it would need to surround your entire property in order to be most effective. For many local residents, this is not a reasonable solution. Some people may think about killing deer on their property. In addition to having to follow the state’s deer hunting regulations, there may be concerns about damage or injury from stray bullets and arrows. Keep in mind that killing deer does not prevent other deer from venturing onto your property.

Why Deer Repellent Is the Right Solution

Perhaps the most effective solution for deer management on a residential property is to use an effective repellent. Quality repellent will safely keep the deer away from the property for an extended period of time. It will not damage your landscaping or cause injury to people and pets. While some deer repellent products are available through local stores, a commercial-grade repellent may be most effective and longer-lasting in many cases.

Arkadia Eco Pest Control has been proudly providing effective pest control solutions to local residents. One of the many services that we provide is the application of deer repellent spray. To learn more about this deer repellent service, contact Arkadia Eco Pest Control today.