How to Tell When an Infestation is Bigger Than Expected

Every house gets a bug every now and then, but if you start to notice even one or two bugs on a regular basis, you may have a larger infestation than you expected. It is always important to try and catch any infestation as quickly as possible, but when you find one that’s larger than initially expected, speed matters even more.

How to tell when an infestation is bigger than expected.

Pests always leave signs of their presence, and when the infestation is bigger than expected, the signs are also larger. What should you look out for?

  • If you see noticeable amounts of waste, from rodents or bugs, you may have a more significant infestation than you realize.
  • Pest predators, like ladybugs and spiders, can indicate an infestation. If you see a lot of them in or around your home, you can bet that they have plenty of pests to eat.
  • Rodents make nests out of just about any handy materials. If you find any nests under sinks or in closets, you likely have more mice or rats in your walls or crawlspace.
  • Different pests create noticeable odors. Rodents create an odor that smells like ammonia or musty urine. Cockroaches also leave a dirty musty scent. If you detect any unusual odors, you may have a bigger infestation than you thought.
  • If you find lots of ant hills or mounds around the foundation of your home, you may have a significant ant infestation. Mud tubes indicate termites. Generally, anything that’s out of place can signify pests of one kind or another.
  • With some pests, even seeing one or two probably indicates a bigger infestation. If you begin seeing cockroaches, especially during the day, you probably have a significant infestation that won’t get better on its own. Likewise, one or two ants probably don’t seem like a big deal, but just a few can lead hundreds, or thousands, into your home.

How to deal with a bigger infestation than you expected

The best option for dealing with any infestation, especially a large one, is hiring a professional. In the case of big infestations, over the counter and home remedies simply will not work!

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