Bees can be a real nuisance in New Jersey, especially in summer months. Tired of swatting at a bee only to find that another bee is buzzing around your head a minute later, well we can help solve your bee issue, once and for all. Where there’s one bee, there’s a whole nest of bees. Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in NJ will find the bee nest or nests, and remove them safely and effectively, without harming the environment. That’s right! Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in NJ has developed an all natural, green pest control solution that stops bees in their tracks. No bee nest is too big or too small. Our green bee services are 100% guaranteed and will rid your and your family of the bee issue once and for all.

Bees come in many shapes and sizes in New Jersey, so it is important that our technicians correctly identify the bees and their nest before a green pest control treatment can be planned and executed. It’s important to note that most bee nests should not be disturbed without consulting a professional pest control company in NJ first. Bees will protect their nests to the death and can sting if threatened. This is why we advise all of our customers to call immediately when there is a bee problem or nest identified. The sooner we send a technician out to thwart the bee issue, the safer it is to deal with. If a bee nest is left alone over a period of months, eggs hatch and the bee nest can easily triple in size. If this occurs, our technician may need to put on a bee suit so that he or she is not stung by bees while in the process of removing the bee nest. Safety comes first in all bee pest control situations.

Bee Control in NJ

New Jersey residents will find that there is an increase in bees on warmer days. This is due to the fact that bees usually do not leave the nest on unseasonably cold days with strong cloud coverage. So be careful out there when having a summer barbeque, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for bees. If the need arises call Arkadia – Eco Pest Control in NJ and we will gladly send a technician your way to rid you of your bee infestation. If concerned about what type of bee nest or bee you are dealing with, take a picture of the insect and email it to us.

Our staff will be able to determine what type of bee it is and be able to devise a plan of action for dealing with the bee issue. Remember, there is no bee nest too small or too large for our technicians to handle.

Use extreme caution when approaching or backing away from a bee nest. NJ residents have to be careful not to disturb the bee nest as this can cause a swarm attack. Loud sounds and vibrations can also cause the bees to become frantic. We have all heard stories of the lawn mower’s roaring engine stirring up a bee nest. Be careful when doing yard work in the summer. Keep an eye out for hidden bee nests, call us when one is found and is too close for comfort. Our technicians will gladly remove the nest and take it with them when they leave.

Stay on the lookout for carpenter bees, especially in the spring and early summer months, as they can destroy wood. Carpenter bees will drill holes into wood surfaces to lay eggs. These bees can also be treated in a green way.

Honey Bees (Honey Bees are protected due to low populations and in most cases should be removed by a Bee Keeper. If you are unsure as to what type of bee nest is on your property, give us a call and we’ll gladly send out a technician to look at the bee nest and identify it.)