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Effective Ant Control For You

Don’t let ants bug you out, call Arkadia Eco Pest Control in NJ today. Our green ant services can provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that they are protected from ants. Our natural ant control works to safely rid you and your home of the ant issue once and for all.

Green Ant Control in Northern New Jersey

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Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home

The first step is critical to identifying exactly where the ants are coming from. If ants are entering the home or business, we want to know where they are entering as well! First, we will provide a thorough inspection to determine where your ant problems are coming from. Ant mounds are typically found around the outside of homes and businesses and are usually spread out across a wide area. These dirt mounds are usually built by ants in dirt or sand and are typically located between sidewalk pavers, beneath trees and bushes, and cracks in the driveway. Our technicians will treat these ant mounds directly using a green insecticide spray. Our green ant treatments are 100% eco-friendly! Mother Nature has been controlling the ant population for millions of years through natural plant defenses. We have taken these natural ant remedies and incorporated them into our ant pest control services to better serve our New Jersey customers. Botanical oils and other plant extracts are used to thwart ant infestations while leaving the environment and your home ecologically sound.

Kinds of Ants in New Jersey

The common house ant isn't the only species of ant in New Jersey. Likewise, your pantry isn't the only place that can be targeted by these pests! Some ants, such as the dreaded Carpenter Ant, can also damage your home by feeding on the wood that makes up the support system of your house. We will make sure that the damage caused by these wood-destroying insects is stopped once and for all. If ants are invading your home or property, give Arkadia Eco Pest Control a call!

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