Randolph, NJ Pest Control

commercialMorris County, NJ and especially the town of Randolph, is no stranger to insects and other pests. Last year, Emerald Ash Borers wormed their way into Somerset County and spread to Morris County this year. Arkadia Pest Control is committed to ridding your home or business of any pests you encounter.

Organic Pest Control

We believe in protecting the environment. By using organic products, we also seek to protect your family from not only pests but also the dangerous chemicals found in other pest-control solutions. The plant kingdom presents us with many compounds and oils that are lethal to the pests infesting your homes without presenting any danger to you or your pets.

Indeed, these compounds were found in nature millions of years ago. Mother Nature used these to control the population of these insects so that they didn't take over the world. We use them to keep those pests from taking over your home.

In fact, we feel it is so important for us to protect the environment that we place that philosophy ahead of making the biggest profit possible. We train every one of our technicians in the use of these green products, which we use exclusively. Our efforts have paid off. The National Pest Management Association has certified both the safety and the efficacy of our pest-control products.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

We're equally adept at ridding both your home and your business of unwanted pests. We are in tune with the special needs businesses have in this regard, particularly:

  • The additional regulations concerning pests in commercial properties
  • Products that are effective in spaces larger than those in homes
  • The need for absolute thoroughness to prevent pest transfer in and out of the business

The largest businesses have hundreds or even thousands of people coming and going each day. Each one can either pick up a pest or "drop one off" at any time. It's our job to protect not only the property itself but also all of these people.

When it comes to residential pest control, although we are green and organic, we don't subscribe to any "old wives' tales" about how to combat these pests. We use only certified and scientifically valid methods for pest removal. We are well-versed with the proper techniques for getting rid of no fewer than two dozen species, including rats and mice. We'll also show you the best methods for preventing future infestations of any kind of pest.

When you're ready to tackle your pest problem, keep Arkadia Eco Pest Control in mind. Our written estimates are free, so you will always know the ins and outs before we begin. Call us today, and let us help you rid yourself of unwanted pests.