Organic Pest Control in Morristown, NJ

Organic pest control is safer for people, pets, and the environment. When pest control companies use organic methods to eliminate infestations, they combine biological controls with products that are safe and green. Some insects have built-in repulsions to natural vegetables, herbs or minerals. For instance, flies tend to avoid eucalyptus while sage deters mosquitoes. As a Morristown, NJ, resident, ants, bees and bed bugs are just a few pests that may wind up infesting your home.

What You Should Know About Ants

With their highly developed social organization and remarkable ability to adapt, ants are one of the planet’s most successful species. Researchers have identified more than 12,500 different ant species, and they’re found in almost every corner of the world. Ants help the environment by pollinating plants, recycling dead organic material and aerating soil, but when the insects move into your home or business, they become a menace.

Human habitats feature shelter, food, and water, making these sites especially attractive to foraging ants. Once they’ve discovered the pleasantness of living with you, it’s tough to evict them. Ants arrive in large numbers. In addition, the critters often hide their nests effectively, increasing the challenge of exterminating them. When it comes to ant infestations, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company.

Becoming Familiar with Bees

Most bees are helpful bugs. They are prolific pollinators that gather pollen and nectar from flowering plants, ensuring that the Earth’s vegetation continues producing. Short, dense hairs cover the bodies of bees. Along with this, the insects generally feature black and yellow striping. Honeybees measure around ½-inch long while bumblebees are about ¾ to 1/½ inches long. Bees don’t transmit dangerous diseases to humans, but carpenter bees can damage structures.

When honeybees infest a home, they present a stinging risk to people while the honey they produce may stain walls and ceilings. Pest control companies are not permitted to exterminate honeybees since the planet desperately needs them, but we can put you in touch with a qualified beekeeper. He or she will relocate your honeybee infestation safely.

Gaining Knowledge of Bed Bugs

Oval shaped and flat bodied, adult bed bugs measure from ¼ to 3/8 inches long. The creatures are a translucent brown hue, and they creep out at night to feed on the blood of their hosts. Bed bug bites look like red welts on the surface of your skin. As with other insects that bite, bed bugs develop through metamorphosis. To do so, they need an influx of blood to transition into their next development stage. Bed bugs live for an average of six months, and they reproduce rapidly. Their eggs feature a tacky exterior. Because of this, they attach to various surfaces, allowing the bugs to spread rapidly.

Extremely durable and inclined to hide within your mattress, bed bugs are especially tough to eliminate. In fact, a professional pest control company may need to resort to steaming and botanical sprays to do so effectively.

When you Need Qualified Pest Control

If your home or property becomes infested with ants, bees or bed bugs, cope with it by turning to the professionals. With expert pest control, you’ll have the confidence that your pest problem will be dealt with properly. Give us a call at Arkadia for all of your pest control needs. We hire and train professional technicians who have the support and equipment to eliminate your pest problem.

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