Mendham, NJ Pest Control

organic1Mendham is a small, North New Jersey township that is home to just under 6,000 people. The laid-back, affluent community is located about 30 miles west of New York City's world-class urban attractions. Mendham belongs to Morris County, and some of its near neighbors include Randolph and the county's seat of Morristown.

Mendham Township was founded during the 18th century, and many of its neighborhoods and subdivisions retain the town's historic character. For instance, Mendham's traditional neighborhoods are full of well-appointed Cape Cod homes and custom-built Colonials. With median home prices of over $700,000, the residents of Mendham Township consider pest control a priority for protection against critters that would destroy their investments and mar their overall quality of life. While Mendham boasts many examples of traditional architectural styles, its preferred approach to pest elimination and management is anything but conventional. This makes Arkadia Eco Pest Control a favored pest control service provider for many Mendham families and business owners. In a nutshell, here is what we offer.

Organic Pest Control

While the term “organic” gets bandied about a lot these days in the food industry, most of us can agree that the term is synonymous with safe, natural substances. This applies to the clean foods that you eat, the personal care products that put on your body and the products that you use in and around your home or business. Over a decade ago, the founders of Arkadia Eco Pest Control recognized the danger that the pest control industry posed to North New Jersey’s delicate ecosystem. Their solution was a pest control company that would use natural substances and protocols to eliminate and prevent invasions of New Jersey's most formidable pests. In 2009, Arkadia Eco Pest Control company was born.

Arkadia Eco Pest Control is a leader in the organic pest management market. We use non-toxic, biodegradable essential oils and plant extracts to rid Mendham real estate of the area's most common pests. We also employ chemical-free techniques such as heat treatments to eliminate certain pests that are temperature sensitive. Our technicians are specially trained and certified in Green Pest Control so that we can deliver customized solutions that are effective and safe. The results of our work include happy property owners, healthier people, and a cleaner environment. At Arkadia, we don't shy away from competition. We encourage other pest control companies to follow our lead as it pertains to environmental stewardship.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

As more individuals and businesses become aware of modern society's impact on the earth and its resources, the demand for green solutions becomes greater. However, many people are wary of picking just any pest control agency that claims to be eco-friendly. They want to make sure that their chosen green pest control firm is knowledgeable of the latest techniques and can implement them successfully. Over the years, Arkadia has earned recognition within its local community and in the industry for its effective yet gentle pest control solutions. For example, our company is a five-time Angie's List Super Service Award winner, and we are GreenPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association to provide environmentally-friendly pest control services for residential and commercial properties.

Arkadia protects Mendham homes and businesses against pests that include ants, roaches, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, bees and bed bugs. Our residential organic pest control services are especially ideal for households with children, the elderly, persons who have compromised immune systems and pets. It is also a preferred pest control option for organizations that operate in food service, healthcare, and early childhood education. If pest issues are plaguing you, give our friendly staff members a call for a free consultation and quote. You have nothing to lose but annoying and destructive pests.