Maplewood, NJ Organic Pest Control

A suburban community, the Maplewood area features rolling hills and green spaces. The township, once a popular weekend destination for residents of Newark, preserves its bucolic ambiance. As businesses and houses are constructed in the surrounding countryside, insects, rodents and other pests that inhabit the region gain access to the buildings.

These structures provide a source of food and shelter as well as a place to build a nest that is free from their predators. An infestation places your family and business at risk. In addition to creating an awkward situation, various pests can transmit numerous pathogens that can cause potentially life-threatening diseases. To protect your home and business, you should contact Arkadia - Eco Pest Control to discuss proactive measures designed to prevent an infestation. The team can also help you eliminate any pests currently infesting your property.

Organic Pest Control

Our team provides effective organic pest control services that protect the environment and the health of everyone who visits, resides or works in your building. We use a variety of organic products, including eco-friendly botanicals, organic oils and other plant extracts. These natural insecticides and repellants can eliminate harmful pests safely and effectively without harming their natural predators. Plants and trees fight off unwanted insects naturally. By incorporating these same defense mechanisms, we can provide organic pest control services that will not harm the environment. These products are also safer for your family, garden and the wildlife that inhabit the area around Maplewood. They eliminate the potential for wildlife and pet poisonings as well as the risk for ground water contamination. With organic pest control, you do not have to worry about monitoring or storing dangerous chemicals inside your home or business.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

An insect or wildlife infestation can damage your home, business and reputation. Pests can contaminate food, cooking surfaces and other areas. Certain pests can degrade building materials and weaken structural elements. Commercial establishments must meet certain regulations. Failure to comply can lead to significant fines. Although an infestation is a major concern, using harsh chemicals in an enclosed environment in order to eliminate it can introduce more problems. Family members, customers and employees may be sensitive to certain ingredients. These toxic substances can aggravate health conditions like asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Some people may experience headaches. There are safer alternatives. Organic pest control measures can eliminate the infestation while ensuring the safety of family members, pets and associates who live or work in these buildings.

Hire a Professional

Many do-it-yourself pest control products are ineffective. These toxic chemicals can also harm the environment. Studies have determined that some conventional pesticide ingredients increase the risk for cancer and birth defects. It is possible to eliminate pests without using toxic chemicals. Our professionally trained technicians know where and when to apply eco-friendly products that will safely eliminate your pest problem. Do not let pests destroy your property or reputation. For peace of mind, contact Arkadia - Eco Pest Control today for a free no-obligation quote.