Chatham, NJ Organic Pest Control Services

Arkadia-Eco Pest Control has provided residents and businesses in Northern New Jersey with comprehensive pest control services since 2009. We understand there is nothing more important than your family’s health and safety. Our pioneering Organic Pest Control service will rid your property of unwanted rodents, bugs and insects without using toxic sprays and chemicals.

The Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Traditional chemical pesticides have been linked to a variety of serious medical conditions, including nerve damage, cancer and birth defects. In addition, these same chemicals affect the environment in a way that upsets its delicate balance. By contrast, organic pest control involves the use of different botanicals and plant extracts that serve as a natural repellent to a variety of different pests.

These natural pest control methods help discourage common pests from colonizing your property. Organic pest control products can be augmented by trap monitoring, which is designed to humanely capture and remove certain types of rodents and other vermin. In essence, organic pest control is successful when it safely eliminates specific pests in an area without destroying entire populations of neutral or beneficial organisms.

Residential Pest Control Services

Are you living with a pest infestation because you’re concerned the solution might be more harmful than the actual problem? As a full-service organic pest control company, we can resolve virtually every pest infestation no matter how complex it may be. We offer pest inspection, monitoring and elimination services as well as consumer education. Regardless of the challenges, we will eliminate all existing infestations and prevent any future colonies from forming by using safe and environmentally-friendly treatments. Once we have the problem under control, our technicians will return periodically to inspect your property and apply additional treatments if necessary.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest control for business is essential to maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers. A single roach or other observed pest can impact sales and the bottom line. A large infestation can have severe consequences, especially in the healthcare and food service industries. At Arkadia-Eco Pest, we employ a strategy designed to solve existing pest issues and prevent future problems from developing. This includes implementing a multi-step approach.

• Pest Inspection: We inspect the building and property to determine the severity of the infestation. We examine the underlying cause of the problem so we can develop an effective treatment.
• Pest Remediation: Once we understand the nature of the infestation, we select the appropriate combination of organic oils, botanicals and plant extracts required to completely rid your property of unwanted pests.
• Pest Monitoring and Maintenance: Once the remediation process is finished, we monitor your property to ensure that future pest problems are detected and corrected early.

Complete Pest Control Services

Arkadia-Eco Pest Control is North New Jersey’s trusted organic pest abatement company. Since 2009, we have provided businesses and residents in the local area with safe and effective pest control treatments and strategies. Call us today to learn more about organic pest control and how we can rid your home of destructive and damaging pests.

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